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On a foggy morning in March our daughter was born on Victoria Peak in Hong Kong. With my passion for everything textile  and my profession as a textile teacher, I was always  on the lookout for local fabrics and textile traditions when traveling around the world. In Hong Kong I was especially fascinated by the antique, silk baby collars. Their purpose was to protect the child from bad spirits. It would be a shame to use these as burp cloths.

When teaching at a Swedish school in the late 1980s, I stumbled upon a book from the 60s, that proposed to use lace collars as protection for children's clothes. This was something totally different than the muslin diapers, which were popularly used as "drop catchers" in the 80s.

Soon we moved to St. Louis in the United States with our 3-month-old baby girl. Here the first prototypes of practical but also stylish baby collars came to life. Two years later when our son was born on a hot summer day in St. Louis, a few collars for boys were added to the collection.  

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